9 Reviews

Pauline Watson

15 January 2021

15 January


No other company I contacted was able to provide me the protections of Affordable Debt Consolidation and their Redemption debt relief program and their fees wer...
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Richard Moises

15 December 2020

15 December


I really appreciate all of the effort that this company has provided to help me out of my never ending debt. Thinking bankruptcy was my only way out of debt aft...
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Paul Tyler

03 December 2020

03 December


If you want out of debt very fast this is your ticket. With no savings and barely anything set aside for retirement and I finally realized why....the money I ha...
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Juan Veliz

14 November 2020

14 November


Good values and profesionals .. thanks you guys

Rachel Abrams

25 September 2020

25 September


My husband and experience fluctuations in our income and used our credit cards to try to fill in during those times. No longer able to keep up we ended up enro...
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Ecclesiaste Desir

15 April 2020

15 April


Jack was wonderful and truly helped with planning my way to amazing credit. He explained everything thoroughly and concisely. He cared and showed compassion and...
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